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NJMP with NASA April 5-6

I have this event as a maybe. I haven't been to NJMP but have heard from many that both courses are fun. I will make it there for at least one event this year.
I will be on vacation that week so I cannot make it, but Lightning is a fun little track. I've driven it about 10 days over the past 2 years and despite it's short length there are some rather fast parts (as well as many technical areas). I've had some instuctors tell me to do some / all the following and others that did not agree with everything, but here are a few pointers that really improved my lap times...

Trun 1: You will be coming off the front straight and braking from about 140mph (5th gear). Downshift till 3rd and start the corner on the inside (2 wheels on the curbing) once you've started to intitiate the turn you will want to start rolling into the throttle (it is an uphill right turn that transitions to downhill about halfway through). Keep a steady about of throttle through the entire turn and drift out to outside (downhill) and track out. Don't abruptly lift the trhottle in this trun or you will unweight the rear and get very loose. If done properly this turn can be doen rather fast and is extremely fun.

Turn 2-3: I like to look at these turns as one turn. Some may disagree but I've proven to myself and a few insturctors that it's the fastest way around. Enter the turn about one car width inside the entry cone. Set your wheel postition and lock it until you get to turn 4. You should be able to apply a smooth amount of throttle and end up in perfect postion to enter turn 4 (if you've done it correctly).

Turn 4: Enter on the right, turn in and aim directly for the coke bottle on the billboard (if it's still there).

Turn 5: Enter all the way to the left. This another tricky turn that goes sharply uphill then downhill on the back half of the turn. I'm still working on this turn, but it is much slower than turn 1 (which is similar in how it goes uphill then downhill). Main thing is that you do not abruptly let off on the throttle on the backside of the hill. (I was about 5 feet behind a vette that did - he went off track left, came back across almost sideswiping me and hit the wall on the left - similar incident happend on turn 1 with a Subura the same day).

Turn 6: Full throttle - bend in the back straight (2nd fastest part of the track)

Turn 7: Depending on your brakes, you may be able to start braking after the bridge. Go from 5th to 3rd. Enter on the right hit the apex and track all the way out (2 wheels may go off track, which is common so dont worry about it. Just don't jerk the wheel to get back on, just drive out of it.

Turn 8 - This is a gradual turn wiht a rise in the middle. You can carry decent speed through the turn. My car likes to push to the right when going through it, but its wide open so it doesn't hurt anything.

Turn 9 - 10 & 11 - Tthe lightbulb. I like to stay about 1/2 a car width off the left side. Turn in and then start applying the throttle, steadily increasing it - there is a decent amount of banking in this turn so you souldn't be scared to use the throttle. Try to keep one steering position through the entire turn (it's a very long turn so this may take some time to get the hang of. As your exiting you should be on the inside at full throttle - the car will drift out to the outide on it's as you crest a slight incline. This will bring you back to the front straigh at full throttle!!!!

I hope this was helpfull. Enjoy NJMP and make sure your try Thunderbolt if you get a chance.


Papa Smurf
Excellent feedback, thank you! The turn by turn is always very helpful for a new track. Will watch a few youtube videos and review your suggestions for each corner. Looking forward to getting the car out again soon. Hoping for some sun too...

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