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No more winter please o my boss clean

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Cleaned my Boss as well this week...but hearing more snow coming to southern CT this Monday...only a couple of inches but still enough to make the roads messy for at least a few days. WHERE IS SPRING?!?!?. :'(
Mine was clean, I took it out this weekend. But I have special challenges. I have to idle down one mile of dirt road to reach pavement, I live on a National Forest road. Every winter it freezes then takes it sweet time thawing leaving MUD each afternoon and of course, potholes. We finally thawed out, and I took her for a rip. But now I have fine dust on my rear valance and rims. i wouldn't trade this place for anything but it is a real pain in the azz at times!

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Very nice. Have you figured out how to drive all three at once? ;D


Mustang owner since 84
I couldn't wait any longer, I took it for a ride to brother in laws, low 60s and bright sunshine. Still huge piles of salt I tried to dodge.
Love your other cars especially the torino.
Heres what's laying around the intersections. SALT...


I never get tired of driving it!
We got a good rain yesterday to wash the salt away and I fertilized my grass so the rain is doing twice the work. LOL Should be near 60 this weekend and sunny so ill have her out for sure.

I'm actually disliking the warmer weather. The car is definitely not performing as good as in colder weather (power-wise) and I'm sure I killed 1000 bugs just today... no way the car is staying clean with all the highway driving I do.

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