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No Red or Black

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Have you guys heard that Ford is no longer, for the time being, accepting orders for red or black cars? Seems that because of the disaster in Japan a component required to make those colors of paint is not available.
I did read about that....or at least my wife read it to me lol. I didn't think it was any of the Boss colors though. The reds were lava and fire? but not race red. The black was Tuxedo I think? Anyway I didn't think it was going to affect the Boss, but may affect some Mustangs.
BossFred said:
The Boss Mustangs should not be effected.
I hope you're right. My day job is reading the WSJ from cover to cover each day. I read a couple of articles today, one specific to auto parts, talking about the Japanese parts supply chain and how it could/will have far reaching implications for many industries globally. What happened is beyond comprehension to me and I wish the best for the Japanese citizens. I also hope it doesn't further delay my Q2 Boss. ;)
Note in bold--

Memo to Dealers:

As a result of the devastating situation in Japan, we are monitoring the impact to our people, supply chain and overall business as details continue to rapidly progress in the region. We have recently been made aware of a supply chain issue that will disrupt the supply of pigments for some of our paints.

We have not changed our production plans, but we are adjusting future scheduling for some paint colors as a precautionary move to ensure we have maximum supply. Colors that are affected in the near-term include:

- Tuxedo Black
- Royal Red
- Red Candy
- Red Fire

Scheduling has been suspended for Tuxedo Black at Dearborn Truck (F-150) and Kentucky Truck (Super Duty, Expedition and Navigator) for production during the week of April 4. NOTE: Tuxedo Black production at Kansas City will continue for the near-term.

We will limit the scheduling volumes of the Red colors at Kentucky Truck, Michigan Assembly (Focus), Ohio Truck (Econoline), Twin Cities (Ranger) and Tuxedo Black at Chicago (Explorer, Taurus and MKS) in this week's scheduling run.

We do not anticipate a loss of production at this time, as a result of this situation.

We will keep you informed as details progress, as the situation in Japan continues to evolve at a rapid pace. If you have any questions, please contact your regional sales manager.

Thank you for your support and business in this challenging environment.

Cliff notes version: If you have a VIN already you're OK. Right now they have enough Red Candy on hand at AAI to fill current orders.

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