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Noise in front left on high speed sweepers on the track

While driving Spring Mtn's track my LS picked up clunk or metal on metal sound last time out. This is on right hand turns when the front left loads up under pressure. The car has after market camber plates that are toed in 3 degrees. I can feel it from the middle or under my feet to front left tire. The wheel is solid when jacked up and attempted to move back and forth. Just trying to build a list of things to have checked out. People have mentioned sway bar bracket. Not sure which bushings may be mashed and not working. Let me know your thoughts.
Check the two front sway bar brackets to make sure you didn't break one or it walked out of the "keyhole". There's one on each side and you can see them with the front wheels off.
Also check the lower control arm at all 3 connecting points. Happened to me and caused a similar problem.
Fairly certain we found the problem. Looks like the headers were rubbing on the frame. Not sure if that is a loose or broken motor mount but it explains the metal on metal sound and feeling on my feet:

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