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Odometer Reading on New Delivery

How Many Miles Did Your Odometer Have When You Took Delivery of Your Ordered Boss?

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Everyone's entitled to my opinion. ;)
I've been curious to know how many miles to expect on my new Boss when I take delivery at the end of the month. For those of you who actually ordered and took delivery of either a 2012 or 2013 Boss, would you mind sharing this info with us? I am trying to estimate on average how many miles a typical Boss owner has on their vehicle when they take delivery from the factory. I would appreciate any comments that would give insight as too why there are as many miles on the vehicles if in fact this survey demonstrates this.

So in summary, vote if you:
- Ordered a new Boss and took delivery from the dealer once notified,
- Own either a 2012 or 2013 Boss
Do not vote if:
- Bought Boss used,
- Bought vehicle off dealer lot,
- Did not own, or have not taken delivery of your Boss,
- Can't remember mileage once delivered.

Thank You,
2012 1535 had 3 miles. Picked it up at the train yard. Had to drive it to the dealer to have it "inspected", though.
Mine had 21 miles. I was called when it arrived, no test drives. Maybe a random test vehicle at assembly? Or alot of trips from ramp 51 to the sticker store and Burger King???
12 on mine.

The paperwork from Ford said 5. I'm assuming the other 7 came from taking it to a gas station to fill the tank and moving it around the dealer lot. It spent most of its ~3 months at the dealer inside on the showroom floor.


2012 #552
8.5 here

What is cool is that the dealer I bought it from called me to ask if he can drive it 2 miles to the gas station and back so when it's delivered to me it has a full tank of gas. 2 miles for full tank of gas, heck yeah; but you know the dealer appreciates what you are buying when he is concerned with 2 miles more on the odometer.
5.3 Right off the truck and took the pic.


Not connected to miles off the truck, but I took this one for the fun of it, would be the only time I saw it.



Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
Anyone ever notice that most Boss deliveries seem to have them on the bottom, first off the truck spot?

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