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off road xpipe vs boss side exhaust

I have a chance to sell my side exhaust to a off rode x pipe and a new axle back for just a couple of bucks. Do you think it will be louder in the cabin while driving? Like I know when I have my windows down in my car now I can hear it very well will having no side pipes and a off road xpipe and a axle back sound like that or will it be more of a observer sound?
ArizonaGT said:
Having just done this swap, it will be much louder on-throttle. While cruising it's just a nice burble, but louder than with the sidepipes. It is really loud on-throttle.

I guess it is all relative, but when I am at the track, standing right next to the cars, the Boss race cars seem to be Priusly quiet. Seriously, they just sound like nothing. I guess it is just because most other race cars are so much louder. Obviously, the relativity changes on the street. Just an observation. I'm still stock, so maybe someday I will find out for myself.


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I have long tube headers and off road x-pipe and the side pipes(3/4" restrictors to cut down on the j-brake sound) with magna flow comp cat back and its sounds FREAKING AWESOME!

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