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Oil catch can on late model S550?

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I didn't either, until the G's in right corners got up over 1.6. Then I got massive smoking and a full catch can. There are no baffles in the stock GT cover, fixed it with the baffled cover that is available from Ford.
This has me thinking, along with Bill's remark about what the engineer said.

Two sides to observe.
- On one hand, Mike from Paul's Automotive mentioned the same "do not really need driver-side can" that many here have said when I was in their shop last month discussing a possible E85 flex-tune (AMAZING place, BTW. I saw 5 generations of Mustang in some stage of "creating awesome").
- Being a former engineer myself (nothing nearly as cool as automotive design or testing), when the person who designed "the thing" says you should have "the thing", and they do not benefit from selling "the thing", I cannot help but think "the thing" is a good idea.
- As I push myself harder JDee's observation becomes more likely to happen to me...and I love pushing myself harder.

- And thirdly (because engineers love options), how often does an engineer over-design something to ensure it is bullet-proof and he/she is clear from the criticism of failure (because failure is FAR worse than is laughed at, the other laughed with)?

Despite Bill's GENEROUS compliment of my very limited tracking efforts, I am closer to being a 1st-timer on the track than even an experienced Novice (hopefully I can change that by the end of this year with what I have planned). This forum has been hugely helpful to me in deciding to buy my car, learning about brakes, learning about tracks, learning about build options for a dedicated track car (not this one...something to build), learning about wheelsets, etc. As we all know (because we are reading these posts) there is no better place to learn how to do a thing than from the successes and failures of those who came before you.

Bill Pemberton

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Great comment CR, because folks like myself, BS1, Tymeslayer, TMS, JDee, etc. are not necessarily smarter than others on this Forum, we have just been a carbon based footprint on this Planet a bit longer. I am a long way from being as Technical as some on here, because when you are in a Selling Environment 8-10 hours a day, time to do upgrades, mods, etc. are not that easy. Now, having a Motorsports Division where I worked ( and I helped it grow ) meant I had access to top notch mechanics and sometimes new products companies wanted us to try. Some worked well others did not, but if you are selling things to Performance Oriented customers, in my mind you only want solid, proven, things to go on the vehicle you just sold. So the best thing to do is listen, observe and ask questions , regardless of your age. Some of us old farts are often trying to keep newcomers from making the same mistakes we did, or willing to offer advice we gathered from all our friends at the track ( often decades in the making ). My pet peeve was years back as I got the " Hot Ticket " for autocross tires I showed up at Nationals finding out I was a year behind the times. Many of us here will suggest to new drivers they get a solid tire to take to the track because it is the single best element to go fast with. Zillions of dollars later, the new suspension , the upgraded brakes, the increase in power , will likely not help much if you are on El Crappo Rauncho rubber.

I am old school, the budget driver needs to forget almost everything the first year except quality tires ( of course good pads, brake fluid ,etc. ) because it will help them get to know their car and figure what other things it may need in the future. Instructing I have seen talented drivers spend two-three years constantly making mods and never driving the same car one event to the next, and wondering why they are not going much faster. Every time out they are learning a new car.

As usual I am rambling but for those just starting on TMO keep in mind there are plenty of folks willing to help here, we share in your enthusiasm , and if some of the things we suggest seem silly or counterproductive to you, just keep in mind we might be alerting you to one of the many mistakes we have made over the years. You will make them too, but because this Forum is so willing to help others, you may miss a few blunders, ha.
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Lots of engineers on this forum, CR. All have learned the hard way...more or less, lol.

Having said that, it's one thing to be recommended a shiny new bauble by a speedshop....trusted or not. It's a completely differentt deal to have an OEM recommend a "performance/reliability" upgrade to a customer base that publically beats the snot out of it....and subsequently brags about/snarls about the design margin/(or lack thereof) that they've confirmed to exist :eek:. a lot of faith in what the Ford Perf techline guys say...start there always, when considering an upgrade. Zillions of man-years of hotrodding experience at their fingertips. They'll own the accountability for their advice.
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Great inputs! I’ll definitely go with the driver’s side also. Figment looks tight that side, quite a few shops sell the slimmer JLT brand, any good? The FP driver’s side seems doesn’t fit, only fits GT350?

Again I’ve installed the FP pass side, easy 30 mins.
I dont have any knowledge to add but this thread was a good read and as a beginner, it has given me things to think about going forward like the oil pan (thanks @JDee ) . Like @CRisolvato mentioned, failure is much worse than over building. I rather do certain things now so I dont have find out I need them the hard way from a track incident. When I read threads like this, I look at it like I rather spend the couple hundred (within reason) now than the cost to replace an engine, towing or shop fees later.

I've had JLT passenger side for 3+ years and got a UPR driver side a couple months ago. I didnt like that I couldn't see the collected oil. I contacted UPR via Youtube and was told that when the oil reaches a certain level, it drain back into the engine. It could be true as they designed it, but for my mental sake, I plan to get a JLT driver side so I can see and empty it for myself.

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