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Oil level going up?

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This is probably going to sound really stupid, but I checked my oil before driving the Boss (cold) and it was right above the top hole. Put about 120 highway miles on it and when I got home I checked the oil and it was higher, above the top fill line and another 1/3 inch. I checked it 4 times because it seemed odd, waiting a minute or so between each one. I have never seen this happen before, at least not enough to notice. Last time I drove it, when I checked it hot when I got home, it was right at the top fill line. It used to burn a lot of oil, 5 quarts in the first 2700 miles, but has not burned a significant amount in the last 300 since I changed the oil. It has sat for about a month other than one trip to the dealership to have them look at something (which was why it was sitting, hadn't had time to bring it in).

I'm stumped. I have never seen this in another car, but maybe one of you guys has.
There are only 2 thing's I can think of to make the oil level rise.
1 Blown or leaking head gasked,cracked head etc.If you are getting other fluids in the crank case then this will raise the level.
2 Top end of engine with a restriction in the oiling system. If the oil is not circulating then this could cause the oil in the pan to frouth and raise the level.
Did the level remain the same after an hour or so? It is possible that you wern't pushing the dipstick down completely when you checked it.Some time it is easy to not pust it all the way down when it is checked.
Not being there to see the problem make's it hard to guess what the problem and fix will be so if you find the answer to the problem be sure to post it.
Sounds like a wierd problem.
oil probably splashed around inside the dip stick tube and got stuck on the walls of the tube.
but i have to say... this car has one of the worst dip sticks ive ever seen. i cant get a clear reading because the dip stick is too dark and it slides against the wall while being pulled.
I'm sure it was all the way in.

I'll take a picture if I take the car out tomorrow and it is still high. It is squeezed in the garage a little too tight to get access under the hood. I also noticed a ticking from the motor I never noticed before, but I suspect I am being paranoid. I have had so many issues with this car that I am getting overly sensitive. The brake pedal and clutch are also raising slowly again, it went away for a while after I bled the clutch but it is back. Ford has been zero help, and has basically told me they do not warranty brake issues as they assume it is driver abuse. I'm probably going to swap the booster to see if it fixes it. Pretty annoying since it has been having brake/clutch issues since the day I bought it.

I'll see about getting a video of the brake pedal too, then one of you kind gents may be willing to compare it against your own pedal. Maybe they are all slow, but none of my other cars are slow like this. And I don't recall the other Boss I drove many moons ago being like this.
Can anyone confirm whether your brake pedal returns this slowly? The dealer claims this is normal, but it is far slower than any of my other cars. I just confirmed it with my truck again.

The oil level is back to normal, so it probably was just oil climbing up the tube. The thing I miss most about BMWs is the barbel shaped dip stick tip, it was super easy to read because it kept the tube oil from hitting the marker section.

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