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Oil Pressure


Lord knows I'm a Voodoo Child
Exp. Type
W2W Racing
Exp. Level
10-20 Years
Cookeville TN
Cold 40 at idle, 82 from 1600-7500
Hot 28-30 at idle, 72 from 1800-7500
This is from my Auto Meter Ultra lite II with tell tale. I am also running the Ford Racing Air to oil cooler kit. Boss engines seem to have a higher pressure oil pump relief spring.
Autometer gauge with senor mounted at oil filter adapter I was showing the following:
Cold 45 idle and rises with rpm from there to 95+
Hot 28-35 idle and rises with rpm from there to 85

Oil Castrol 5w-50 or Mobile 1 5w-50 pressure didn't vary much, if any regardless of which I used.

Except for idle, there are lots of factors affecting the oil pressure: oil viscosity, temperature, etc. Anyway, it looks like I'm running a little higher than some people, so maybe I should put my car on a low fat, low cholesterol diet and maybe take her out for more exercise. ;)

Cold idle is one thing, but as you can see, even dragging my car out of the driveway spikes the oil pressure to 100+ psi. At various points in the video, I tell you what rpm the car is running, so you can check the oil pressure at those times to get an idea of what it runs. Oil pressure is left-most numerical gauge.
I have the Autometer Elite gauges both temp and pressure. Sensors are located on the sandwich plate. Pressures vary greatly with oil temperature and only begin to stabilize when oil temp reaches approximately 180-degrees. I use the Motorcraft 5W-50 motor oil:

Cold idle: approximately 85 psi when the rpm drops down after start. If I give it any throttle such as backing out of the driveway when cold, pressures reach 100-psi +.

Hot: approximately 35-40 psi at idle and 75psi at high rpm. This is during summer driving when oil temps reach between 200 and 220-degrees. Pressures will be slightly higher when the car is driven in cooler fall weather when oil temps reach only about 190-degrees.

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