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Oil % question

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Hi all, been a while. Finally got a chance to take the car out and it says I have 0% oil life. I only have about 1,000 miles on it since the last oil change, so does it take time into consideration when it says the oil life? I'd like to take it out (might not get a chance for a while) but worried that they may try to void my warranty or something (based on experience so far with Ford). If I recall correctly it has been about 6 months since the oil change.
They did forget, but I reset it. It was at around 95% last time I drove it. I put about 5 miles every few weeks just to keep it running
Yes time is a factor when the system calculates oil life. Mine also sits for periods at a time and with very little mileage since the last oil change it will say time for an oil change.
Thanks for confirming it. Boss actually ran really well, maybe because it got so much rest lol. My friend who has never driven anything but Hondas was very impressed, though I've never seen an Asian man turn so white as the first time I dropped the hammer ;D

You guys think it is worth changed the oil? My understanding is that synth doesn't go bad unless it gets moisture build up but I take it out every couple weeks around the block a few times to burn the water out.
To change your oil at 1k for the first time is ok but after that I would do it in the 3k-5k range. If you track it a lot then I would use the lower #.

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