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Old 'Stang - New Build - thanks for the help

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So new poster here. New to the Mustang community, but not to building cars and trucks. Last couple track cars were a C4 and a E46, and then came kids....

The Mustang community seems like a nice bunch, and I have been thoroughly geeking out on all the info that is available. This is the first forum that I registered for though, as it seems to get past a lot of the "chrome" and "stance" discussion. ;-)

Picked up a 2012 GT with Brembo pack. Low miles, stock 3.73 gears. All the good stuff available for that year. Not quite a daily driver, as there are other rigs in the stable, but it needs to be VERY streetable.

Local track is PIR, and it's pretty basic. A couple significant braking events per lap, but nothing overly technical or demanding.

So far Bilsteins with "P" coils in the back and Boss 302LS coils up front. 500GT strut mount, and the performance bump stops. Easy choices so far. The OEM shocks were definitely done after six years, and it felt undersprung anyway. I chose those coils because I really, really, really didn't want to get too low. Honestly, so far so good.

If I had half a brain, I would just stop here. But I am pretty sure the diff bushings are tired, so those will get replaced. And as long as I am there, might as well drop in a new arm and mount, right? So many choices for everything.

Anyway, wanted to stop in and say, "Hi". Will keep you all posted as this all develops.


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Welcome to the Mustang forum that is all about go and less about show! My previous Mustang was an '11 GT with the "brake performance package", as they called the Brembo cars back then. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with the car, there's tons of parts around for them so lots of stuff you can do.

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