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    I've been to a local race shop to sit in about a dozen seats and crossed off my first two choices, the OMP ARS and Recaro Pole Position. These were my first choices due to the lower side bolster for entry/exit of the car but I couldn't stay comfortable in them. The OMP WRC seats fit well but snug. I like the XL fit but they're XL and I'm not. The car isn't a daily driver anymore but does get driven to work, occasional weekends, and to the track so I was hoping others with fixed back seats could chime in; did/would you opt for a bigger seat for some wiggle room off track and if so, were there any regrets on track with movement in the seat? Is adding more seat cushion to fill the gap on track a viable option?

    At 5'9" and ~180lbs I'm not the target for the WRC XL but wondering if the trade off (vs WRC-R) will make non-track driving a little more comfortable. The car sees track time every month from March to November and there's a track ~4hrs away (VIR) that I'd like to keep driving to but don't want to hate the drive due to the seat.

    Lastly, the wings on the WRC-XL are wider and the tape measure seems to indicate they "may" fit but has anyone with full door cards and center console installed 2 WRC-XL seats with the driver's seat centered on the steering wheel? The car is a 2015 mustang GT. Thanks.
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    They used/use them on the gt350s at FP school I believe. They should fit a 2015 fine.

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