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One Lap of America Testing

daddyfixer said:
Peter, I have known of the shifting problem related to the m82 for quite some time. last week I ran my boss at a drag event and after making 6 passes back to back while power shifting , not just speed shifting And it locked me out on the 2-3 shift as well as the 3-4 every pass. That was at least 18 clutch engagements not counting burnouts and launchings and driving back down to the start. Now that being said, Scott mentioned on the previous page of a line being sold by JHR, That is Joe Heck Racing in Fla. (You tube Joe Heck Racing clutch line and view is video. Near the end of the video he mentions ( the co. that provides). Walt with Promotion Performance in Fla. has provided and serviced my Tremec Drag Transmissions for many years. He has been working on the solution for quite a while now. I have one of Walts lines with the larger opening coming UPS. He told me the other day that he has had at least a dozen customers call to say that fixed it. So it appears the the RAG 82 MAY NOT HAVE BEEN THE PROBLEM ALL ALONG BUT THE LINE TO THE THROW OUT BEARING.. In other words the small orfice cannot bleed off the fluid fast enough while the clutch is being pressured up not letting the throw out bearing to work the Disc.
I hope you're right.

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