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Only Year..?

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Hey guys, I showed my order of a Boss 302 to my brother and he wants to buy one next summer (2012), would it still be available by then?
Big Vito said:
my magic 8ball says they will be available for the 2013 MY

That and depending on how much gas goes up or what the economy does, there may still be 2012 Bosses sitting at the dealerships by then. I fell for the "gotta have it" hype when the '08 Bullitts came out and I could saved a bunch of money if I had waited six months. I am willing to pay MSRP because I am a new car junkie. I also look at it like I had 3 full years to enjoy it too.
Big Vito said:
my magic 8ball says they will be available for the 2013 MY
Would that be this magic 8ball?

That's good, that'll make his day. So the 302 Boss for 2012 will be modeled after the 1970's version and will not be the same as the 2011 Boss 302?

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