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Oops! Dropped a part - Installing FRP M16826M Hood Strut

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Good day!

Well, weather getting better and better every day now.

So went to install my new hood struts to get away from the prop rod. On the driver side, there is a hole under the sound tube canister.

Of course... not taking any precautions lol, I dropped a piece of the rubber isolator down a hole in the fender that is under the sound tube canister.😡

Now... I can see a sliver of light through the hole when looking down on it, but the piece of rubber did not hit the floor.

Any one know where this hole goes?

I don't really need piece of rubber that fell, but I want to make sure it's not going to be a problem for something else.

Anyone know?


2012 Boss 302 Under the Sound Tube Cannister.jpg

2012 Boss 302 Rubber Isolator for Sound Tube Cannister.jpg

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
That would be the space between the rear part of the fender liner.

It’s not going to go anywhere from there, I think. Unless you’ve pulled the rear insulation ‘blocks’ out from the back of the fender. Then it could come out or be somewhat accessible with the driver door open.

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