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Open Track Withdrawal

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Does anyone else find themselves looking for the Apex for weeks after open track? I was taking the dog to the Vet and I was trying to "Find the line"
F.D. Sako said:
everyday is apex day. lol
My wife frequently says to me "do you have to cut the corners like that?" ;D
My wife frequently says to me "do you have to cut the corners like that?" ;D

Ditto. My wife gets upset with me because I don't "stay in the middle of my lane." It drives her nuts. It drives me nuts when she continues to complain about it! ;D


Performance Fords
Wow! You guys don't live in my area!!! There are two off/on ramps here in California that the cops sit at the top of.. One is in Walnut Creek ca where there is a 360 degree off ramp and they sit at the top behind the bushes and wait. It is a great banked curve and I am sure that they get a few every day there. The other is in Lafayette ca and it is a great sweeper onto highway 24. I have seen CHP there at least a dozen times watching the on ramp.

Careful, you might get a surprise.

pufferfish said:
I acellerate for off ramps. They are lawless areas cops don't do radar on;)

You have discovered my secret place to go fast, that and merge lanes. Never ever see any cops around them. :)

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