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Overheating, Revisited

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I have my first track day in the Boss coming up in a week. Brakes are upgraded, got my PF01's and NT555R's coming in as well as camber plates, brake ducts and trans cooler. However, I haven't done anything to address cooling issues. I know that a lot of you did upgrades over the winter to help with overheating. Now that some of you have gotten some track time, what are the impressions of what worked and what hasn't? I'll mostly be running at Willow Springs this year where it gets fairly warm in the summer and the elevation is around 2500 feet.


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Air to oil engine oil cooler will help a lot. Either FRPP or Cool Tech versions. 302S grille mod or a change to a more open grille face such as the Cobra Jet or Rousch. Many of us have the Tiger racing hood (just finally got mine back from paint) which has to help big time with airflow through the radiator and out of the engine bay. I also believe that water wetter or Mocool coolant additives help a little, some think they are snake oil but they both work with our coolant with no adverse effect.
Good luck and enjoy Willow Springs.
The first thing you want to do is replace the grille with the 302S grille or a billet bar style like the Cobra Jet or Roush as Steve said. If you're still having problems then look into an oil cooler. Most likely the grille will be enough.
Just make sure you know how to remove your grille. It takes less than 10 minutes and if you do have overheating issues you can just pull it and they'll go away immediately. Also, if you happen to overheat and pop your radiator cap, they are one-time use so bring a spare with you to the track. They're about $8 from your Ford dealer.

There's a how to on grille removal here:
I wouldn’t sweat it……..Unless you've tracked cars before it will more than likely take a few track weekends before you are at a level of confidence to really start pushing the car real hard.

And if you get it hot just remove the grill.

OK, I'll look into the 302S grill. I'm a little leery of removing the stock grill on track, I have already fabricated one for the lower portion because I don't want to damage the radiator. I've been tracking for 6 years, my other track car is a modified M3 that frequently runs down the P cars so I would hate to overheat first time out. ;D

I guess I'll try the 302S grill and see if I need to make further adjustments.

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