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My boss threw a p0013 code this morning but is running fine. I'm at VIR and have done 3 sessions all out and no issues and no limp mode.

I've read that it is likely that sensor or a wiring harness issue.

Any thoughts on still driving it? I have all day tomorrow left.

Let me know what you think!


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I think I'd pm Gary ( Cloud 9 ) and ask if this is what he experienced if he doesn't catch this thread. I'm thinking this is what happened to him and he ended up sending out his harness to have it re-done and beefed up to race car type specs. I do know it seems our harnesses are fragile and prone to have these failures.

Sorry to hear of your issue...hopefully it was a temporary hiccup.

Ask at the drivers meeting in the morning if anyone can help you out with a scan tool. There are plenty of people at the track with them.
Yes it is the outboard vct connector. If the CEL won't reset then it will run fine but the VCTs are in a default position and the connector pin is broke. It's part of the harness but the connector can be serviced separately.

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So brought my car to ford today and they said all they see are misfire codes and will replace the crank sensor. Any thoughts on why they wouldn't see the P0013 & P0015 codes that my scanner picked up?? I told them to check again.
kbush02 said:
So brought my car to ford today and they said all they see are misfire codes and will replace the crank sensor. Any thoughts on why they wouldn't see the P0013 & P0015 codes that my scanner picked up?? I told them to check again.
Sorry I just saw this thread. Do you have a '12? When was it built? It sounds like your engine wiring harness. All the above info from others is correct. It may be "intermittent" at this point and this PCM appears to just clear itself when the problem goes away....which is unusual. If it's your wiring harness you could just be starting to experience the issue. The first time mine failed I was at Road America and was able to finish the weekend. I would clear the codes and go run. Sometimes they would come back but mostly they didn't and was able to run. The next time at Brainerd it would go into "neutral" VCT mode within the first lap and you lose all the benefit of VCT (which equates to at least 100 hp) You could run the car, but you'll be way down on power (Think 3 valve 4.6L motor) The only way you'll permanently eliminate it for track use is to pull all 9 sensors and your harness and spend the $1000 with PRS.

You also don't need a new crankshaft position sensor. You need the crankshaft position sensor TSB which is a rubber O-ring that will take the vibrations out of the CPS under track conditions. That's what creates the phantom misfires. After they install the O-ring make sure they do the "neutral profile" relearn. It's in the TSB.

Here are the two stickied threads from the tech section that address these issues:
Thanks everyone! I got that fixed and now another code popped up today at VIr. P0720 output speed circuit sensor. Speedo doesn't work and the shifting was a little goofy until I got up to speed then shifted fine. Is this part of the "cheap" harness too?
What was the fix? Did you have them replace the factory harness and connectors or did you upgrade to the PRS version? It sounds like you have a loose speed sensor connection or a bad sensor or connector.
kbush02 said:
They just replaced the bad sensor under warranty.
I was told by Ford that they have never seen a sensor go bad and that the VCT errors have all been traced to the harness/connectors. The issue will likely come back again at the track. If they replace the harness and connectors with a factory one it will work for a while until you hit enough track duty cycle then it will fail again. I still can't say about this new error you are getting since that's not anything I have experienced or have heard of others seeing yet. Hopefully someone canchime in that knows whether or not the speed sensor is connected to the wiring harness.
WinterSucks said:
Do we know why the old harness is failing? Are the contacts getting corroded, housings melting, or vibration damage?
Vibrations from extended track duty. Apparently it won't be an issue for mostly street driven cars.


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General note: If you have a 2012 with VCT issues, you can swap out to the 2013 VCT solenoids and splice in new harness ends required to mate with them. If you DIY the parts should be under $175 (4x solenoid & 4x connector).

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