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P1299 Code But Not Overheating

I'm posting this for @Yopauly and it was not hot, maybe high 70's at the track.

"During a track day last Saturday at Sonoma I got an overheat message at end of a session. Gauge pegged to full hot, red overheat light came on and engine went into limp mode. I came in, opened hood and did not get any indication it was overheating (no coolant pumping on ground, no smell, no hiss etc). I started it up after 5 minutes and gauge snapped from full hot to normal and red light went out but check engine light stayed on. I drove it back home 100 miles in stop and go traffic (95 degrees outside most of the way) with no sign of overheating. When I pulled the code at home, it was P1299 which is cyl head overheat. Any ideas ?"
The cylinder heat temp sensor must have seen an over heat condition, whether it was a bad sensor, wiring issue or it actually overheated. An infrared temp reader would have been good to have at that time. When they are hot you usually here the engine snapping and cracking. The dtc will stay in the computer for at least a couple of "trips", but some dtc's required 40 trips to clear.

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