Pagid RS-29 Brake Pads for the GT350

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    Saw this thread pop back up. It helped me when I was looking at Pagid pads last year for my S550 PP. Thought I'd throw this out there if others are doing research on Pagid pads...

    I went with the RST-3 for my front pads, as it had a higher hot friction level, and the curve goes up or stays flat. I don't want the friction level to drop at the high end of the range! Anyway, these have good initial bite and work well, never any doubt on stopping power. I use the RS-29's in the rear. I've done 4~5 weekend HDPE events on them, and still plenty of pad left. I loved the PFC-01 compound on my old S197, and this RST-3 pad is the closest thing I've found to date. (Only other S550 comparison has been the Ferodo DSUNO - good pad, but not as much initial bite.)
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