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Paint Swirls

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Tucson 302

2013 Black LS #439
Justin et al

Can you provide recommendations on the best way to get rid of swirl marks in my paint? I don't think I caused them. I do the two bucket system with grit guards but who knows. I'm assuming using a dual action polisher will be required but I've never used one and honestly it kind of scares me! Thanks....

Nothin to be scared of! I have a porter cable and love it. Just start with the mildest swirl removing polish and a Lakeland gray pad and do a test section first, to see if that is aggressive enough. If no success, try the next aggressive polish, and then next aggressive pad, etc, until your combo removes the swirls. If you start easy, have no fear. Youtube some DA polisher techniques and you will be fine. On a side note, i use a two bucket system with grit guards, a microfiber mitt, and carefully, without pressure, glide my hand in a single direction from front to back on horizontal surfaces, and top down on vertical ones. Then . I dry with a leaf blower, and dab remaining water with good, CLEAN, microfiber towels
Let me also recommend meguires gold car shampoo. Excellent suds! And btw i actually use three buckets because the first is for the wheels only.
Derek I just used my Flex for the first time last weekend and I'm happy to report I didn't ruin my paint. ;) Like Max, and Justin, suggested I watched several Adams Polishes videos and felt comfortable with the process before I started. The new equipment makes it pretty fool proof so go for it. I used Adams light polish and was impressed with the results. Here's a couple of photos from my visit to the Need For Speed Day Spa and Beer Emporium.

if you're looking for a polish, I've used meguiars d300 DA microfiber correction compound with great success on other cars for removing light swirls and scratches. for example. it completely removed scratches, from finger nails, behind the door handle when applied by hand.
I just did a mild swirl correction on my car tonight!!

I would recommend using a orange and white pads with a mild polish like Mezerna p2500 or one of sonaxs polishes.

Heres a link to a great basic write up done on a SBY
There are so many products to choose from it will get confusing. is a good site to check out. They have good deals and how too video's also.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
seems like everyone has it covered. I use a flex with adams pads and there polish makes it easy. green pad green polish orange pad orange polish. no guessing what pad to use with which polish. I prefer the Flex over the Porter cable as it gets the job done much faster.

I still get swirls even with how careful I am. takes about a year after I do a paint correction but they will reappear over time. there is no way to avoid them just methods to make them not appear so fast.

When you start you want the surface as clean as possible. I do a wash with dawn then I clay bar then wash with adams car shampoo. Tape off everything I dont want to get polish on like the decals and the porous plastic and rubber. I then find the worst area and start with the orange pad orange polish. if I can get the swirls out with that I do a pass over the entire car then move onto white pad white polish. Then I get out my metrovac blaster side kick and blow off all the dust (I also use it to help dry the car in the wash portion). once you are satisfied you can move on to a glaze or wax or if you prefer Zaino.

this is the kit I started with you can choose either the portercable or the flex I use the flex

this is very handy to have

here is what else I use

if you wax this is what I use

Zanio can be bought here

There are other brands out there that will get the job done as well. I am just telling you what I have used and what I have gotten results with. Doesnt mean its the best out there I just find it easier and less complicated to figure out for a first timer like I was with the whole DA process

PM me if you want some discount codes to Adams

Tucson 302

2013 Black LS #439
racered302 said:
I think I'm going to order the kit, I like that everything is color coded. Takes the guess work out.

Me too except I'm going to have to have my wife tell me which one is which since I'm color blind
dsekae1021 said:
Me too except I'm going to have to have my wife tell me which one is which since I'm color blind

That suck's if your not bs'ing. Have her mark them with corresponding dot's with a sharpy. I don't think it will come out of the pad after washing.

Tucson 302

2013 Black LS #439
racered302 said:
That suck's if your not bs'ing. Have her mark them with corresponding dot's with a sharpy. I don't think it will come out of the pad after washing.

Yes it does suck but what's funny is throughout my entire life (I'm now 46) everytime I tell someone I'm color blind they almost always ask me "really so what color is this?" Huh? I just told you I'm f*&^ing color blind! It cracks me up everytime.

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