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Painting a LS Spoiler

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I have a OEM LS Spoiler that is painted Candy Red. All of the paint shops around me want $300.00 plus to paint it. I have disassembled it and now I am thinking of painting it myself. Has anybody tried this? I know the paint code is UA black and I am wondering if there is a Matt clearcoat on the stock spoiler.

thanks Paul
I had a guy paint mine flat black and they said the color was called "Hot Rod Black". It has a slight sheen to it and looks awesome.

Summit Racing Parts sells one. I looks like the same finish as mine.
go to your ford dealer body shop and ask them to paint it next time they have a black car in, should be cheaper than that

ua black is a common ford color
reakhavok said:
My ford dealer quoted me 350 to paint. But I didnt ask them about doing it when another black car was in.. I think my Ford dealer is more expensive tho.

Mine was new and unpainted, and it cost me about 500 for the OEM spoiler and paint job. The part was about 350 so that means the painting was about 150. Since yours is alreay painted there is probably more prep work involved.
NewBossowner said:
You can buy the spoiler pre painted from AM for $300. Pretty sure it's the same design exactly.
That's not OEM and a one piece design. Ask YellosBoss about that one. I'd stick with OEM and have it painted.

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