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Panhard Bar / Rear End Shift

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I was looking at my Boss today and it appeared the rear was shifted to the left (drivers side). I got a straight edge and a ruler and measured the space between the outside of the finder to the rim. On the left there was a 3/8" gap, on the right there was a 11/16" gap. So the rear is shifted 11/32 to the left.

So my questions are: How much shift is okay before it effects the handling? Is there any adjustment in the stock suspension for this? Are yours shifted also? If I lower the rear, which way will the rear shift?
I think a worth while and relatively inexpensive modification to make is an adjustable panhard rod. How much better is it to have it centered I really don't know I know I'd rather have it centered in any case.

I went a step farther and made a Watts link for my GT.

Mine is shifted slightly to the driver's side. That's normal with a panhard bar when you lower the car. I'm surprised it moved that much given they only lowered it 1mm in the rear. I wonder if they use the same panhard bar as on the 5.0? I had a BMR adjustable panhard bar when I originally lowered the GT500. It worked fine, but you really have to play with it...up and down off the lift to get it dead-centered. They also come with poly bushings so you'll likely transmit a lot more NVH into the cabin. Even with my Watts Link on the GT500 it seems to slightly shift to the driver's side even after re-centering it a couple times. Now I just leave it.....but it's minimally off-center. You have to really look to even notice.

For me, I'm just going to leave my Boss the way it is now. It's not that far off, and I certainly don't notice it from a handling perspective.
So if you lower the rear with lowering spring, it's going to shift more to the driver's side. I was hoping it would shift the other way. It would have given me an excuse to lower the rear. ;)
The stock panhard bars are pretty weak and can bend under heavy track/autox use. When bent they shift the axle to the passenger side. An aftermarket (solid or adjustable) panhard bar is a very good investment if you drive your car hard.


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