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Parnelli Jones Autograph on Airbag Cover

If anyone is interested in getting their Airbag Cover or other part of there Boss signed by Parnelli Jones here is the Contact info for Jim Dilamarter Business Manager for Parnelli Jones and the email reply I received from him.
I went on the link and made my donation by Paypal to the Page Jones Foundation, printed out the receipt and put it in the box with my Airbag Cover minus the Airbag
( I recommend taking the removed cover to a Ford Tech to take the Airbag off of the Cover as it took two of them to get it off without breaking the Cover )
Jim also said he would take some pictures of Parnelli signing my Cover and email them to me.
Just a reminder Parnelli is now 81 years old don't miss out like I did with Shellby.

Email from Jim below

Parnelli will be happy to sign your cover. All he asks is that you send a tax deducible donation of $100 minimum, to the Page Jones Foundation Fund. The Fund was formed to honor his youngest son who suffered a severe brain injury in a racing accident in 1994 when he was 21. All proceeds go to support various brain injury associations in the USA through the Pittsburg Foundation. Your receipt will be sent by the PF.

You can log onto to view a clip of a documentary presently being edited, and is based on Page's trials and tribulations during recovery, and will distributed to hundreds of brain injury rehab facilities throughout the U.S. and possibly the world.

Thanks for your offer to post the Mustang parts/autograph info on the Boss Forum, I have no issue with that and believe it's a good idea, and may generate some unexpected money for the Page Jones Foundation Fund in the future.

Send your Mustang AB cover, all shipping prepaid to: Sports VIP's, 20501 Earl St., Ste 2, Torrance, CA 90503, and it will be signed by Parnelli and promptly returned.

Best Regards,

Jimmy Dilamarter
Business Manager,
Parnelli Jones

Send your email regarding Parnelli's Autograph to :

Jim Dilamarter
[email protected]
Yes get PJ's signature.

The Cover was easy. The Airbag Module not so much !!
Just disconnect your battery then open Glove Box all the way pull the tabs in to drop Glove Box right down hanging by the bolts.
Then laying on your back on the pass side floor with a flash light look up and disconnect the wire plug in for the Airbag. There are 2 bolts that hold the Airbag module in place remove them and the Cover Airbag will come out the front.
There are some instructions online to remove the Airbag Module from the Cover but it is not as easy as it looks I tried pulling on the cover at the bottom to get it past the hooks like the instructions said but I couldn't get it close to coming off after a hr of trying and worrying that I was going to break it. I'm not sure what they are worth in the US but I am sure they are cheaper than up here in the frozen North, the Cover is $500 thanks again Ford!!! I am still bitter over the no Track Attack !!!
I took it to my friend at Ford, they let it sit for a while in a warm room then attempted to get it off. He said it took 2 of them to get it off with some little pry bars.
They did it for me for free. Maybe play the "I going to get Parnelli to sign it" card to get it done for free too.
I just blew the Pic up it is 2014 underneath his signature. Parnelli signed it today and Jim emailed me the pics. It will be 2 weeks before I have it in hand
WinterSucks said:
So just toss the return shipping label in the box for the return shipping? I will have to ask at the PO if they could sell me one or if I have to use Fedex.

I would contact Jim Panelli's manager first by email. Then Donate to the Page Jones Foundation (minimum $100) put the Donation receipt into the box with your Car part and ship with return shipping pre paid to VIP Sports address.

All info required is in the first post.

I am from Canada so I had to ship Puralator which is UPS once it switched to the US. I was told I had paid the return shipping when I sent mine but had problems with the return shipping pre paid due to the multiple carriers and the Border crossing. So Jim had to send mine back COD. They prefer pre paid shipping though and within the US you shouldn't have a problem with a Courier Company.
I am thinking about asking to have my Strut Bar signed - does anyone know if the engine heat will affect the signature? (sharpie pen)

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