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Got these numbers from the DBA boxes I got from Rocketman when I bought his OEM rotors. They are the DBA 5000 front and 4000 rear you were asking about.

Front Left DBA52124BLK SL
Front Right DBA52124BLK SR
Rear Left DBA42114 SL
Rear Right DBA42114 SR

From what I can tell the fronts are available with a black or gold center hat thus the BLK in the part number.

Now since this is second hand info, I would try and verify these numbers. Who knows they might be rotors for his Ford GT [the 2006 GT-40 style supercar not a Mustang GT]. Of course if that's the case then you'll just need to get a GT to go with you're new rotors.


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gremlinsteve said:
any one have these handy? i am looking at the 5000 series front and 4000 series rears. i need to correct part numbers though. can any one help?

Steve: Just an FYI you probably won't find the DBA5000's anywhere, they have been on national backorder for months. There are other options from Coleman & Girodisc to mention a few. Also, we've all been discussing the merits of using stock Ford rotors and having them slotted and cryo frozen. You don't lost the 5 - 6.5 lbs in unsprung weight but they should perform very well and are a LOT cheaper. Paul Weston @ Weston Motorsports can take car of the slotting and cryo freezing (done by Diversified Cryogenics) if you are interested. I am going that route for my rears when my DBA4000's wear out.

my warehouse guys have a set sitting there. front and rears. front is black. so i have a set already coming. im lucky that i get a 30 percent

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I think they've been on backorder due to the update for their slotting, they don't make the 6x6 anymore. Did you get an old stock set or the new style?
gremlinsteve said:
they are said to be the new set. they are no longer side specific.
I've never seen slotted or drilled rotors that aren't side specific...

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