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Performance Pack Torsen Issue

Wondering if anyone has heard any issues with factory installed Torsens in the last couple years?

Ended up with a bad ratcheting sound in my diff over the weekend and thinking something has come loose in the Torsen diff. :(

Less than 5000 miles on the car.
I haven't seen anything but there were a few failures on the Bosses. Have your dealer check it out as it's covered under warranty.
Is going to the dealer. Was just wondering if it might have been a weak link. I haven't heard any issues myself and have had one in my SN95 track car for 3 years.

I'm actually the second owner of the car eventhough under 5000 miles, so hope no issue w Ford covering under warranty. Not sure how that works.
Car was never drag raced.

I need to figure out if a cooler is made for the IRS also, may need that in the future if already a problem at 5000 miles :(
So far, dealer hasn't been able to duplicate noise. :(

Trying to get them to check the fluid for any debris and/or change the fluid or make an assessment whether to take apart or not.

At this point, I'm thinking it just plain got overheated and needs the fluid changed?

Thinking since the Torsen is all gear, no clutches or friction material that I may be good?


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Could be. I know I lagged on changing my diff fluid for a while and it whined quite a bit, but quieted down once it had some fresh gear oil. I never heard any ratcheting sounds like you described, however.

Correct--fully mechanical no wear items in the Torsen.
If i were you, I'd pop the diff cover off and take a look in there myself... since dealers almost always disappoint. But as a downside, your dealer may deny warranty if you tinker with it... if they're one of those sensitive dealers.
I would do that if it was a conventional diff, but being an IRS it is very involved just to get the cover off. :(
Dealership never could duplicate the noise. Picked it up today, drove it 50 miles and no noise. Strange

Changed the fluid and it looked good. Typical break in light metallic in fluid. Light coat on magnets.

Saved some fluid to have analyzed by Blackstone.
Is the noise at the wheel? ABS sensor binding with sensor ring?

I would show the dealer the video and ask them to do a similar test.
Good call. I had one of the sensors break on my Boss and it was rubbing. It was easy to replace. I probably hit mine swapping pads or wheels. The end is plastic and cracked just enough to allow the tip to hit the gear ring or whatever it's called.

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Yes that is a good call as that noise is not a Torsen Differential noise. Plus it should make a different pitch noise when the wheel is rotated in the opposite direction. Pull the wheel for inspection and let us know what you find.

Thank you for sharing,
302 Hi Pro

PS: It makes you wonder why the servicing Dealer did not find this noise.


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I have found noises like this to sometimes be intermittent. If there is a stone or broken part moving around at the hub. The piece will have to be sitting against the stator to make noise. If the piece moves an 1/8th of an inch, no noise!!
The noise was clearly "at" the diff. More toward the drivers side of diff. From underneath you could watch the driveshaft and half shaft "ratchet" as the wheel was moved forward and reverse.

Won't do it at all now.

Only did it after a long hot track run.

Not at the wheel at all.

302 Hi Pro

Boss 302 - Racing Legend to Modern Muscle Car
Oh, that is unfortunate. I don't know why your vid struck me as not a diff sound, but it is good that you have isolated the noise.

It was a great idea to send the vid to your Ford Service Department.

I've had my diff specs inspected by my Ford Dealer and I've serviced my diff and didn't see anything there that would make a ratchet sound like that.

But when you have it taken apart for inspection at your dealer, it would be great if you could post the cause.

Thank you,

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