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Performance Pack Torsen Issue


SCGT500 said:
The noise was clearly "at" the diff. More toward the drivers side of diff. From underneath you could watch the driveshaft and half shaft "ratchet" as the wheel was moved forward and reverse.

Won't do it at all now.

Only did it after a long hot track run.

Not at the wheel at all.

Do you have any indication what the diff temperature was at the time?
I would try to pop the diff cover off, or pay them to do it and then replace it under warranty - if it's damaged. When you get a noise like that and it disappears, it doesn't mean it "fixed itself" as much as we all want it to be true!
You may have lost a few teeth or damaged something else.
I have a business card from a top Ford engineer he handed to me personally and said if I ever had an issue or question....

I'll be emailing or calling him soon to get his advice in this situation...

I think if I said his name a few of you may know him. Hope it helps. :(

302 Hi Pro

Boss 302 - Racing Legend to Modern Muscle Car
That is a good idea. I noticed on your video, someone, (a male voice), can be heard asking a question about removing the CAI and Tune? You might want to edit that comment prior to sending it to Ford Motor Company.

I'm sure he is talking about a different car, but a third party might think that comment is about your car.

Just a thought,
302 Hi Pro
Good thought. I haven't shared the video yet. By law it shouldn't matter because the CAI doesn't directly effect the rear differential.

I'm hoping by sending the gear oil report to the Ford Engineer he can direct me to what step to proceed with if anything.
SCGT500 said:
Wondering if anyone has heard any issues with factory installed Torsens in the last couple years?

Ended up with a bad ratcheting sound in my diff over the weekend and thinking something has come loose in the Torsen diff. :(

Less than 5000 miles on the car.

Well since changing to Royal Purple and running at the track a couple more times, havent had the noise reoccur.

On 3rd diff fluid change (before track runs) and at almost 10,000 miles. :)

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
Good news and thanks for the follow-up. Perhaps that 55 min session was a bit much for the factory fill. Good chance the fluid simply overheated and failed.

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