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Phoenix Performance Boss 302 fastest mustang at Barber

Good morning everyone... Was just wriing a long post and somehow lost it all...

Any way. here is a link to some pictures from Barber..



password: ppr2013
So Andrew and Kurt made the long slog down to Barber in the dually hauling the 48 ft trailer full of stuff and the Boss 302...

After three days of rain they finally got to race and and did really well. we were 12th overall, 3rd among the mustangs and turned some very competetive times... Now we just need to work on getting around all of the Porsches, BMW's Astens and camaros..

Development of the car and its handling is continuing and we are very happy with how the Mustang is responding.. The shocks allowed by the se series have been tricky, so we worked on that.

Our pit stops went very well!!!... Since our front tire changer was busy driving the car for the first hour, we borrowed a tire guy from another team and it went off without a hitch!!! Rob prepped up a set of super hero tires and adjusted the jack handle for dave the jackman so things were just movin in the pits..

I have asked Andrew to post some in car video when he gets time and also some thoughts on the car. Kurt will also give you some of his driving imopressions from his first ever pro race...

These two guys really seem to like this Boss!!!

And finally, thanks to everyone who stopped by to look at the cars and talk. Your enthusiasm goes a long way to helping the guys get the best out of themselves and the car. We appreciate your support!!

More to come..

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