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Pics back from MidAmerica Ford and Team Shelby event-Hallett Motor circuit

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Just got some pics back from the event in Tulsa-a bunch of us Boss owners found our way to Hallett for some serious road work.
Weather was good and as I do every year, come away having learned some new skills. The first time for this Boss was an experience to say the least.
The new Koni-Steeda suspension worked very well after dialing in and believe it or not, the Hankook EVO V12's worked very well, provided you got the pressures right.
Had a lot of fun and even passed some LS guys.....! (no flames please)
This is a well organized, and well planned event and I would recommend it to anyone looking for some track time.
Very nice, thank you for posting!

Hallett looks like a fantastic track...have caught a few videos on Youtube.

Sounds like you had a great time, and I am jealous.
Tulsa, OK
Great pictures Vista! This was a great event and I had a blast out on track, minus the 100 degree weather ::)

Way to go on passing some LS guys. I passed a few too ;)

My sig pic is from Hallet during Mid-America, coming around turn 10.

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