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Pics of Great Spin at Streets Of Willow Today

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Cool photos. Who took them and when will the video be posted. :p
ArizonaGT said:
Great photos indeed! Did you go NASCAR-style once you felt it swing back and mat the throttle?

Haha I did, but I counter steered too much! Held some decent ones but that was out of my league!

cloud9 said:
Sweet 8) Best tire walls ;D

Yeah, you try that on a lot of the east coast tracks and chances are good that you will be taking your Boss home in pieces... ;)

That always scared me about those east coast tracks!! Not much room for error!


Mustang owner since 84
Great pics, love how it was multiple. Haven't tracked my car yet, but it looks like a great adrenaline rush.

Bill Pemberton

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We should have had some pictures of you cleaning out the interior. Been there and done that and with the windows down, it brings new meaning to getting down and dirty, ha!

Fun shots and always good to see someone out stretching the Boss's legs!!
My first driving instructor (who was borderline insane) told me on the first day that if I didn't spin the car once I wasn't trying hard enough. ;) Of course the car was an ITB Mazda RX-3 so the stakes were lower... I didn't disappoint him though. Well done!

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