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Pirelli Trofeo R for 302 LS

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- Anyone tried the Pirelli Trofeo R for their 302LS?
I am asking specifically about the LS since I'd like to know if anyone has tried plus sizing up to a 265x35 front & 295x35 (or possibly a 305 on the rear) on the stock LS wheels.
Thanks in advance...
Hey I have a set of the LS wheels (in silver) that I used to run on track (now my street wheels) and had Hoosier R6s in these sizes with no problems: 295/30/19 and 265/35/19



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I tried to order the Trofeos last year, they are supposedly similar to Michelin Pilot Sport Cups, but the US distributor said Pirelli had no plans to import those sizes to the US. I think the new Z28 is going to use them so maybe the pipeline is going to open up. They will have 20s out back though right?
Let us know if you get them, like gar says they will fit fine on 302S wheels, I am running PZero slicks in those sizes right now.
Bob Woodman Tires
has some, although they are checking on availability of the 295x35x19 (305 is available).
I am putting 305's on another car that takes that size for the rear, so I might try a 305 fitment on the rear of the 302 when I do the Porsche.
I'll post my findings & impressions of these tires which I plan to use for street duty.
- Currently using Hoosier 305s all around on the track (different wheels).
Thanks for posting..
Will do Steve.
...I must say, the Corsos which came on the 302 are junk.
I managed to ruin them in a day.
Not sure about the sizing but one of our members with a 302S tried them for the track and I don't think he was overwhelmed by them. Maybe he'll stop by and post his impressions. If you're using them for the street I'd try Michelin PSS in 265/35/19 and 295/30/19.

- Do you mean the Super Sport?
That is the other tire on my short list.
I have 275/35/19 Michelin Pilot Super Sports on my GT for the street and they work great. I love them and no complaints at all. I've used them on a couple autocrosses with no problem at all. Beat a Boss LS on RS-3s and a little behind another GT running RS-3s so they held up well against those "sticky street tires" at autocross. Wear is great also, 4000 miles, 5 autocrosses, and the tread is great. My OEM PZeros lasted 11k miles before they were bald, expecting a lot more out of these. Also, at an autocross school a week ago I was only one-tenth of a second off my time running friends used Hoosier A6s 275/35/18 (used both my street and his scrubs at that event). I am switching to a new set of 294/40/18 A6's for the next event/rest of the year to keep the life going in the PSS.

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