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PITA to Watch and/or DVR BJ and Mecum Auctions

Ok, time to vent!

Been attempting to watch (and mostly DVR) the BJ and Mecum auctions over the last week or two, but it's been difficult. In fact, it's been a real PITA. I'm guessing others have noticed this too.

Problem is that both BJ and Mecum are no longer on one cable channel like they used to be (formerly Speed, which got absorbed by FS2, for BJ; Velocity for Mecum). BJ now is ostensibly on Fox, which actually means it's spread over 3 or 4 different Fox-owned cable channels; Mecum is now on NBS Sports, which means it's also on Esquire (which I didn't know even existed) plus several other NBC-owned channels, depending on the day and time. Sometimes different channels on the same day, at different times.

To make matters worse, some cable channels, like Cox Cable where I live, don't yet offer all these channels in HD (e.g., FS2 and Esquire are std def only). Arrgh...!

Yeah, there are much bigger problems in the world to get irritated about. But you'd think that, in switching to new networks (and presumably making a bunch more $$$ as a result), BJ and Mecum would have attempted to make it easier for their viewing audiences to actually watch or record the auctions.

Ok, venting complete. Feel much better now.


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I don't know how the tv business works but I have a hunch BJ and Mecum pay the networks to broadcast this stuff. If you think about it the audience is probably tiny compared to "mainstream" programming. The auction houses look at this as advertising. Just my .02
I agree with original post

I don't even have fox sports 2, so I missed a lot of the bj stuff

I just dvr all that I could and fast forward thru most of it this year, they also have changed how they cover the auction and not in a good way

I do think it is good for them to get on the main fox channel albeit only for a couple hours

I do not think they pay to be in on any network, car shows are all the rage now

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