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Theory of 1
What up! Ok so I finally had to put the 99 Ford Ranger to pasture and upgraded to a 2013 ST in Tuxedo Black. Now I am on the hunt for unique, funny, inspiring, what have you; plate ideas for the new DD. The plates for the Boss were easy. Since this car has no production number plate on the engine....gotta go big or go home. So I turned to the creative minds here at BMO. Hit me with your best shot!!



Performance Fords

admitting that these are lame!


Theory of 1
Those are far from lame! Sorry for takin so long to get back at ya. Sometimes I get on here and get to reading and forget to check my own stuff haha. Do you have an ST as well? I am diggin the 302 and BOOSTED. Also just because a movie about a creature (snail) that kinda has the same bulbous shape as the ST is coming out soon was thinkin TURBO haha also thought OVRBOOST , BOOSTER, was diggin several of your suggestions actually so thanks a bunch. Problem is now that I got bit by the Boss bug again and I hear P-springs and RLCA's callin my name haha.
Those are some good plates. You guys should post up photos of your Focus ST's. I really wanted one and drove a couple last Fall. But I needed something larger so I had to pass.


Theory of 1
If I had a dollar for every time someone said to post pics....I could retire haha. But I will work on pics. I believe I owe you pics of the KB spoiler on my boss too....


Theory of 1
that is SUCH a nice color...I almost ALL MOST went that route. But having a CO car as is...wasn't sure I needed two bright cars attracting attention. Black is far more sneaky. Great pic btw!


Theory of 1
..... o_O SNEAKY...did NOT even ponder that....I shall now consider this. LOVE this forum!! Thanks a lot for that.

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