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Playlist suggestions for delivery of new Boss

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Hi all - new to the forum and to Mustangs, but am very excited to be taking delivery of a new '13 Boss in a couple of weeks.

This raises the obvious question - I'm surprised a search of the site didn't turn up more on this topic - of what songs to include on the playlist I'm going to put together for the extra-long, waaaay out-of-my-way drive home from the dealer.

Of course, for the first half of the drive, I plan on just listening to the symphonies of the great composers Horsepower & Torque, but I'm thinking that when I finally point the car home, I need some truly great tunes, and so the question for the forum is: what songs belong on that playlist?

Springsteen songs are largely ineligible, being a bit too obvious. I'm thinking an eclectic mix of 70's hits - in homage to the car's lineage - and some more recent beats. Open to all genres, cheesy or not. Just whatever captures the joy of "holy cow I can't believe I just spent my kids college fund on the car the 10-year-old me wanted me to be driving when I reached this (undisclosed) age".

Thinking to maybe start with some Cheap Trick, Queen and Bowie. For some reason, Keith Richards' "Little T&A" beckons despite no relevance whatsover, and I can see the Foo Fighters' "Wheels" making the list. Bonus points for tossing in a Canadian track or two . . hmmm, BTO's "Roll On Down the Highway" comes to mind.

Could this be a more frivolous post? Probably not. Could I be more excited about getting the car? Probably not. Thanks ahead of time for your suggestions.
I hear ya. Spent some quality time picking out some CD's last night in preparation for today's first drive of the season. I guess it depends on age of the owner. I picked AC/DC "highway to hell", Ozzy "crazy train" all great music from my middle school years. In the end, I just rolled the windows down and listened to the side pipes!
A little AC/DC maybe, Motorheads rendition of Hardcore. Maybe a little Steppenwolf Born to be wild ? Or maybe Charley Daniels Uneasy rider.

But my favorite would be exhaust note at 7,500 RPM or so.
Here's a short list for ya... a few are even sorta Boss-themed:

"Roadrunner", Bo Didley
"Radar Love", Golden Earring
"I Can't Drive 55", Sammy Hagar
"Paradise by the Dashboard Light", Meatloaf
"Slow Ride", Foghat
"Foreplay/Longtime", Boston
"Highway to Hell", AC/DC
"Summer of '69", Bryan Adams (there's yer Canuck)
"Drive", The Cars
"Red Barchetta", Rush
"Bad to the Bone", George Thorogood
...and of course, "Born to Run", by The Boss himself.

Enjoy the drive home in your new Boss!


I didn't even turn my radio on for the first 3 months... finally made sure it worked...

one for a winding road.... Red Barchetta by Rush... bonus canadian points.

can't drive 55... too obvious?

transfusion by nervous norvous... too obscure?

johnny was a race car driver by primus?

flight of the valkeries by wagner...

ecclectic enough?

enjoy the ride....
Ha! I made a playlist on my iPod for when I picked up my Boss, here it is, in its entirety.

Knights of Cydonia - Muse
Cars - Fear Factory featuring Gary Numan
Song 2 - Blur
My Favorite Game - The Cardigans
Unison (Knife Party Remix) - Porter Robinson
Radar Love - Golden Earring
Treasure of the Broken Land - Chagall Guevara
Highway Star - Buckcherry
Howlin' for You - The Black Keys
Prehistoric Dog - Red Fang
Race Car Ya Yas - Cake
Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen
Magic Carpet Ride - Crystal Method (I think, not 100% sure, I dl'd it way back when Napster was still around)
Open Road Song - Eve 6
Hey Man, Nice Shot - Filter
Going the Distance - Cake
Gasoline - Kicking Harold
Dragula (Hot Rod Herman Mix) - Rob Zombie
I Wanna Rock - Twisted Sister
Beep! Beep! - 13 Stories

All of these songs are either car related or good driving songs or both.
NewBossowner said:
But my favorite would be exhaust note at 7,500 RPM or so.
This. The quad exhaust with the windows rolled down is the only playlist you'll need. I guarantee it. ;)

Congratulations on your new Boss, welcome to BMO and have a nice drive home.
Dont know your age or genre but these are in my rotation for highway jammin

Puddle Of Mudd - Spaceship
Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song
War - Low Rider
Vanilla Fudge - Shotgun
Ram Jam - Black Betty
White Zombie - Black Sunshine
Ted Nugent - Stranglehold
Breaking Benjamin - The Diary of Jane
Flyleaf - Fully Alive
The Dead Weather - Treat Me Like Your Mother (KILLER)


Relapsed Turbo Addict
Little River Band - "Reminiscing" with your right foot planted on the gas. Don't forget to scream "Americaaaa!" while all of this is happening. ;D

I was in a similar situation when I picked up my Boss...drove it home to NorCal from Los Angeles. Bring rock..hard rock...and lots of it.
I love that if music shall be played in the Boss, which seems to be rare, should only be loud, fast, and angry. Given the previous examples. Country and Hip hop need not apply

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