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Porting our Intakes

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Anyone check this out?

I might try this over the winter since the car will be in the garage and I have a Dremel.

+11whp for FREE sounds pretty good to me.


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LP Heaven said:
sounds awesome but i'm too much of a spas to start whittlin away... :p

Yeah, the first cut/polish would be a bit scary.
I did some further research on this and I'd only touch the intake port and leave the rest of the intake alone. Ford spent lots of time computer modeling this intake along with hours and hours of testing. So unless you have more experience than they have be careful. Go back and read the 5.0 Magazine article on our engines for a refresher.
NFSBOSS, I agree with you, however, all that CFD modelling is useless if you cheap out on manufacturing. I'm sure the insides of the intake are fine but all the entrance/exits seams looked pretty horrible. Won't know how bad it is until taking a look. Have already seen how bad the manufacturing of the CJ intakes were, and that's a performance part! I'm sure the boss intake had to deal with a greater amount of rush during manufacturing to meet Ford's deadline. Regardless, cleaning the inlets and outlets will not change how the flow occurs inside the unit, where the real magic happens.


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Cleaning up the molding parting lines at the throttle body opening and port faces can only be a good thing. These are dry manifolds meaning not fuel is carried in the airflow within the plenum or runners, anything done to minimize turbulence and maintain velocity will improve performance. I don't think there is 15 hp in it but maybe 5 or so. All you would want to do is smooth the raised edges with sand paper drum on a die grinder or dremel. Not trying to remove material to increase volume. On my new CJ there are distinct parting line as described by the post on SVT, also the depression at the entry of the throttle body that could be filled with epoxy and smoothed. It's worth it if you have some time to kill during the winter months (like me)
Will try and post up some pics when I get started.


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I got side tracked with going to Michigan for thanksgiving with my wife and going shopping for xmas. I will need to make a trip to lowes to get some dremel parts to do it. anyone have a good list of the pieces needed?

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