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Possible fuel starvation? Anyone experience this?

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Hi all,

I was at Pitt Race this past weekend and was experiencing loss of power and stuttering. The car didn't do this in the first session, maybe little hints of it in the second session, and you can see in the third it got really bad. I assume this is a fuel starvation issue. Tank was roughly half full in the third session, no wrench light or misfire codes. I had to quit the day due to a cracked rotor after the 3rd session, otherwise I would have fully topped up the gas and see if that fixed it in the 4th session. See 9:33 in the video below where it starts breaking up, a few turns later and the engine is almost shutting down.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Any solutions?


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At half tank all of the fuel will fit in the passenger side of the saddle tank leaving little on the drivers side where the pump is. Its happened to me many times. Its annoying. Just run it full or at least 3/4 full. I've thought about ways to fix it but never did it. Filling the tank with fuel cell foam would work if you could get it in there correctly, which doesn't look easy. I've also thought about putting foam just in the middle by the driveshaft hump to slow down the fuel slosh from side to side. I bet that would be enough to help a lot. But in the end, I just keep more fuel in it.

Its talked about here too
Starts there with several replies (mixed in with some other stuff)
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I just finished dealing with this. Mine was not as bad as your video above. The best way to fix this is to add a surge tank like others on here have. I added a little boost pump in the passenger side tank to fill the main bowl of the pump and keep fuel in there. That solved my issue.

This is the thread I made earlier on it and it also has some good info on what others did.
Thanks guys. I figured that's what it was. I have been running other tracks for years without issue. I think the Pitt Race track design leads to high sustained G's in right turns for longer than most other tracks. Turn 4 is especially bad for this but it's probably the most fun corner on the track! I'll try to top up fuel after each session from now on and see if that fixes it first.
I deal with this as well. I’m on a return setup running E85 and running this fuel makes getting lower levels quicker than running gas. I will be moving to the Aftermarket Industries in tank surge pump which can take my pumps that I’m already running so for once I’m already setup for what’s required to run their product. Anything from a half a tank is an issue on high speed left hand sweepers on track.


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Guideline I wrote up on installing a surge tank to solve slosh issues:

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