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Possibly may sell my Laguna...need advice

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I have a 2013 black Laguna...#594. I paid the over $1000 to have the track package installed...$750 labor and $300 for the key program. I have 915 miles on the car and it's waxed weekly. I injured my achilles tendon and will require surgery. So working a clutch is a bit of a challenge. I went to a car dealer today and they called around and only wanted to give me $39K for the car. They were very aware it was a Laguna and said it would have been $34K if it was just a Boss 302 without the Laguna package. They said it was a quite a car and were very impressed by it (and this is a high end foreign car dealer.) However, that price seems low to me. I'm looking to sell the car closer to $45K. I thought they could sell it for around $48Kish? The car had a $50k sticker new and I actually had to pay $5k over to buy it. Am I being reasonable at that price? Thoughts?


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I think your only hope is a private sale to get that kind of number. Sorry to hear about your Achilles, that is one of the worst things I can imagine to be stricken with. Good luck.


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Welcome to the world of car dealer BS. Ford guys told you it was a must have collectible and you were lucky to pay $5k over. Audi dealer tells you the black book value is $36k but since its so nice he'll give you $39k. Sell privately and you should get $45 but not much more. If you are in a rush you may have to take a big hit. Sorry but that's how it is, they play on our emotions to make the most profit possible.
mine has never been registered and never will be. still has a ford mso...

and its never driven on the roads obviously. local dealer found out about it asked if they could buy it. they called with a number after about 4 was less than what you where offered...i laughed..

post up the car online, and do not budge. in the end you will regret selling it.

also i have heard that carmax buys stuff too.

might try one of them just for giggles.

Where are you located? You can list it in the for sale forum but please include all the details.

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gremlinsteve said:
also i have heard that carmax buys stuff too.

CarMax under quotes just like any other dealer....they offered my son half of what his car was worth when he was buying from them so we sold it at

You are way better off selling to an individual

Sorry to hear about your injury, but now you have something in common with Kobe Bryant 8)

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