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New Boss In Town
Hey all, I know some of you don't typically drive the Boss every day, so I wanted to see what your grocery-getter or "other" car looked like. Here's my daily:

This is "Dottie." Dottie is a dream come true. While a bit mysterious, it helps to pray or slam your head into the steering wheel right before starting her. You just never know what Dottie will throw your way. If she's not busy being distasteful by dangling her front headlight for the world to see, she'll showcase a jammed hood with more craters than the Moon. The truck is white, and with an American Flag and another boot print, you'd really think it was the lunar surface. Dottie comes pleasantly furnished with stained cloth seats (time-capsuled farts collected from nearly 20 years ago), leaves or some other foreign articles blowing throughout the lukewarm A/C, a gaping hole for a radio, power-absolutely-nothing, a cracked windshield, a super-glued drink holder in the center console, and a steering wheel feel set to "permanent comfort." Dottie stopped ticking off mileage years ago. She's got everything backwards, but backwards for Dottie means forward, and she'll get you from point A to B with just a little confidence and the occasional kick to the face. She's the best girlfriend a man could ever have - she actually likes gas, she's resilient, strong, well-intentioned, and gets right up and goes when patiently asked to do so (although she might moan and groan while doing it).

Dottie's life has had many paths, and her life will continue to branch off - when she's sold for scraps. But my love and memory of Dottie will never die.
I've got a white Ford truck too! :)

300,000 miles and it's getting the best mileage of it's life at 16.5 HWY. I can change programs on the fly with a rotary switch and a four position chip. It burns a little oil but it's paid for. It makes a great tow vehicle with the 444 CI turbo diesel and 6 speed manual.




Performance Fords
Yeah, that was my last new car. Had it almost 19 years now. Oh, thanks for posting the shot to whoever did that. I was on my Ipad at the time and couldn't post the photo, only the link...
My daily is not a beater. It's a '13 F-150 XLT regular cab short box V6. I inadvisedly traded my '09 Ranger XL regular cab short box 4 cyl. for the Boss. As soon as I did that, I realized that I needed a truck.


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