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Post Whoring 5.0 2018

The Tyme saga will end nicely I predict!!!....On another note, anther Christmas Story, with another Ralphie....ALICE BABY...ALICE HONEY.......YA GOTTA HELP ME!!!!!...The TMO crew is after me when they found out I was thinking of getting a Camaro for Christmas! I'm getting tired of driving that big old bus, that's why I didn't want a Challenger!!! Norton, are the sewers clear? I need to make a clean get away!!!Ralphie Boy, you're good to go, just bring some boots for some trouble spots!...........ALICE, bring my bowling ball!!! My Boss, Rick said I need to play in the TMO Bowling tournament later!!! Ralph!, You left your bowling ball at your mother's house last week!!!..Norton saved the day!!!Ralphie Boy, You can borrow mine if I can Find it....All ened well as Ralph won the match and ordered a new Mustang from Bill P. in tyme for Christmas..............WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Santa wanted to borrow my Boss for Christmas but when He found out it was Comp Orange instead of Race Red He changed his mind?!?!.....Rudolph may have had something to do with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The first day of winter....The shortest day of the year....I don't know if it will get better or worse after this?...I'm just glad I'm around to witness it!!!.....60 degrees today with rain and least it wasn't snow!!!..The Boss is sleeping in the garage, no matter what............Folks, Thank your stars for what you have because you never know when you may lose it!!!!!!!!!!!


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"Sweet Lorraine" had a visitor yesterday afternoon. @cholmes1 brought by his immaculate Black '13 LS to shoot the breeze and talk Boss talk. Thanks for the visit Charles and for lunch! Always great to see another TMO member and Boss enthusiast.

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Great meeting you and your family as well. You have an amazing car and shop. For someone that claims to not be a mechanic, you have a lot of mechanical skill. Look forward to see you and ‘SL’ in 2019.

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Caught the full moon rising last night leaving dinner. Cell phone zoomed in doesn't do it justice. Used a DSLR when we got home, but gotta download those.

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