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Post your personalized Boss license plates

Bruce, which axle backs are on your Boss? Those tips don't look stock.
Got this one on the way. I know it's been used by others, but I really liked it. In TX, we are limited to 6 characters and I tried to get 69 DNA and 70 DNA, but they were taken.

About 2-3 times a year, the organization responsible for vanity plates offers up 7 letter plates at an extra cost. 1969 DNA was I snagged it.

I have given this one some thought. Someone please run with it if you want! RUNVUS (or similar spelling): Are you envious?
Should it read 1970 DNA sense it's a 2013? However DNA runs in all mustangs. Even the smae mother but a differant father car. She was a real Cougar in her time.
I do like the thought on this plate. Easy to read and understand. IMO I feel that if you look at a plate and dont get what the owner is trying to say in the first 30 seconds it gets lost.

Any how, I do like the plate. Anyone that has Motor oil for blood will get it as soon as that read it. And Smile!

BTW...Thats a huge garage. Wish I had 1/4 of that.
I want to get "MEANONE" or "MEAN 1". We always joke that I'm not the friendly person at the office, thus I'm the mean one. Fits the car too! I've also had a long past with race horses. Our boss is CO/White. A chestnut horse with tall white socks and a white face is called a high white. So we could also do "HIWHITE" since it's essentially chestnut and white and a bad ass pony!

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