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Powerstop Brake Kit

Can anyone tell me if it's worth it to purchase this kit for the Boss. I'm not going to tack my car, just daily spirited driving. My friend has them and says they have carbon ceramic break pads and offer more bite. Are they going to be any better than what I have stock? Link Below. THanks
ok thanks brother. I appreciate it. I'm assuming the only advantage of getting the new rotors is to eliminate some more dust. lol
ArizonaBOSS said:
IMO the rotors they sell with those types of kits are for cosmetic benefit only. The pads (combined with the tires) are what provides the stopping power.

steveespo said:
+1 for OEM Ford Rotors. Cost/Benefit ratio works in that direction. I have the same braking performance with solid Ford rotors vs. 2 pc Aluminum hat rotors at 1/2 the cost.

+1 for both, drilled rotors create more problems than they cure.
HackBoss302 said:
+1 for both, drilled rotors create more problems than they cure.

I dont believe that they create more problems than they cure. Each rotor has benfits. Drilled rotors work better in rain than soild/slotted rotors. Drilled rotors may not be the best for a dry track day as yes they do tend to crack from heat. But in the rain I do believe that drilled rotors will stop better. They will displace the water better than soild rotors. If you dont track your Boss and are more focused on street driving and style, I would go with the slotted/drilled rotors and not look back.
Just my view on what the orginal question that was asked.

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