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price for new leftover 2012

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If you are looking for a 2012 model at MSRP, then yes. I continue to be surprised how well prices are holding up on last years model (new or used).

IMHO, I believe you can find a better deal.


302BOB said:
FYI, Here in Ct I saw a USED CO Boss with 1800 miles going for $51990....if you shop around you can get a new '13 cheaper than that. Deals are out there......................

Wow, what a bargain--can't believe they didn't sell it at that price on the first day. ::)
There's always someone trying to make an extra buck.
Thanks guys. I found it online at a dealer local to me. I havent seen it in person to know what invoice is. I agree, $40-41,000 would be a good deal.
I've found several dealers within 5mins-2hrs of me that will sell for sticker. Just cant find a grabber blue without ordering :-[
At this point, I would say $1500 under MSRP for a 2012. Then again, it seems like most of the 2013's on dealers are asking $15k ADMs, so who knows. I paid MSRP for my 2012 back in April.
I paid $750 plus $599 dealer fee over invoice on my #3221 Comp Orange the last one - at Autoway Ford Bradenton. There is a race red still at Ford Port Richey - they are at MSRP still.
Buy it now on this one is almost $2k under sticker.
Considering I bought mine for MSRP in May of 2011, I would hope there are at least minor discounts on all 12s that are left. But I'm sure there are still some idiot dealers trying to get ADM's. Unbelievable.


2012 PW #2558
I got my PW - Exact same car for 41k on 5/12/12. The MSRP is $43,575 and the dealer cost for the car is $39,270,0-C,2-C,1-C,16-C,18-C,5-C,19-C,20-C,3-R,15-C&incentiveIds=&exteriorColorId=865782&interiorColorId=865780 if the link above does not work.

Hope this info helps. Keep in mind, everyday the car is on the lot it is costing the dealer $$$$ So if you are really ready to buy and take immediately delivery, you have some leverage IMO. Good Luck!
If I were looking right now for a new one I would be pounding Ford to find ouit if there will be a 2014 351 Boss that will be the car to own for sure.

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