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Pro Charger?

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So I found this interesting article which is in the November issue of 5.0 Mustangs and Super Fords which adds a Pro Charger to the Boss Mustang. Obviously most would say if you wanted a fast straight line Mustang buy a GT 500 but as most of us know the Boss is not nor was it created for a straight line!

I personally believe there is a thing called "too much power" when the vehicle can no longer handle it. I also believe the Boss CAN handle a little extra if one so desires. Does this mean I will add a Pro Charger.......maybe but NOT until my warranty is up!!

I've added this post and link for those who may want to check it out but most importantly chime in on the idea or thoughts of adding such a piece of equipment.

On a side note.....I had a chance to drive a slightly modified newer Z06 and it made my car feel slow! The only modifications it had was racing headers and exhaust. It was fun, but I wouldn't trade the Boss for it!


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
Should be fine if you just want a street or dragstrip warrior. I'd forget it if you're thinking about putting it on the road course regularly, however. You'd have to do some serious upgrades to the cooling system on the car, based on what we've seen with even the stock stuff under high-temp conditions.

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