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problems removing the shifter ball

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Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
If you're talking about the silver shaft above the boot, it's attached to the ball. If you're referring to below the boot...dunno--that could be a problem.

Typically you need a strap wrench to remove it for the first time.
used a strap wrench but dont want to go any farther .....does the shifter shaft come apart from the shifter base by an alen head bolt or can you tighten the alen head bolt to stop the shaft from spinning? thank you for your help!
The jam nut (shaft) IS part of the shifter ball! When you turn the ball to take off from the shifter, the jam nut will come with it for it's attached. I learned the hard way when I forced the jam nut off after the ball was removed from the shifter.

I hope this information helps!


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
are you saying that the shaft of the shifter itself is turning? not talking about the silver part directly under the ball that is smooth that is supposed to turn. if the whole shaft of the shifter is turning I dont think you shifter would work very well in that state.

perhaps a picture with an arrow pointing to what is turning is in order?
ok i'm going to put a pic together now....but when the ball turns so does the larger shaft thats below the silver part that youre refering to.....i took it out for a ride an the gears still feel good?
Mine (2012) was on really good with loctite from the factory. I tried the heating up method etc(which didn't help at all in my case), and the big daddy strap wrench kept slipping on the ball due to the low friction. I finally put a piece of duct tape on the ball for friction and had to use a pipe on the strap wrench handle and just had to budge it an 1/8" at a time until it got about 180 deg rotation where it started turning OK. If the whole shaft is turning then I would put a pipe wrench on it with a second person to hold it?


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
if everything on the outside of the boot is turning its fine.


thank you the darn thing off....for some reason the shaft was turning so i took the advice and used a pipe wrench on the shaft...any way its off and the new shifter is in and tons better!
thx again

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