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Question about LS Rims and Tire Size


TMO Addict
Hi Everyone,

I need some help with tires and sizes. I've looked at so many reviews my head is spinning... (no pun intended).

I just got a set of Ford Racing 302S Laguna Seca Rims (19x9, 19x10) as a gift. The stock OEM tire & sizes listed for the LS's are Pirelli Zero Corsa 255/40ZR19 up front and 285/35ZR19 in the rear.

Living in the east, I enjoy spirited driving on backwoods/country roads with lots of bends/turns as well as normal street/highway use. I have the stock suspension and don't track the car.

I would like to get tires that I can use from the early spring through the fall. Outside temps will range from 40 to 90+ degrees.

Any recommendations? Also, any suggestions about tire sizes? Should I consider different sizes?

I really appreciate the help.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport in either 265/35/19 and 295/30/19 or 265/40/19 and 295/35/19. With stock suspension you might want the stock profile tires for less of a gap. The 10mm wider tires pose no issues.

302 Hi Pro

Boss 302 - Racing Legend to Modern Muscle Car
Good advice on the Michelin PSS selection and sizes. The taller tire selection will give you a slightly smoother ride and would be fine for your application.

Good luck and post some pics of your Boss 302 with the new wheel and tire set up.

Enjoy it as Spring is here in the Northeast!

302 Hi Pro


TMO Addict
Thanks for the replies.

I went to two local tire shops. The first shop was trying to get me to buy Continentals snows that he had in stock. He also would only recommend the stock sizes.
The other shop brought up "custom tire size" and "special order" so many times, that it got aggravating. It was an effort for him to check inventory and cross reference sizes. He also informed me that the only tires available for my car are summer tires. I walked out.

I started looking online: There are so many choices. I wasn't sure what sizes would fit.

In the old days (my youth) we didn't have so many choices (maybe 2 or 3). We would get a wider tire with raised white letters and put them on the car. We didn't worry about handling.

Again, thanks for the help and input!

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