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Questions about McLeod Clutch if going from MT82 to Tremec

So I want to eventually switch to a Tremec transmission but for now I am putting my money into more suspension stuff ie coilovers. However, I do have some money left over to do a clutch swap. A lot of you have said the clutch is to blame and the transmission is not so bad in the stock Boss 302. My question is, can I can install a McLeod RXT on the MT82, and then swap it over for the Tremec set up if/when the time comes. I want to try the new clutch setup with the MT82, but also dont want to buy a new RXT next year while doing the Tremec swap. As you can tell, this question arises from my limited knowledge of clutch selection and the technicalities behind clutch fitment. The Boss is my first car purchase, and first manual car I have ever driven with the exception of my cousin's honda civic which I took out twice for 20 mins after placing my order for the 302 =D.


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You need to contact McLeod but since the input shaft on the MT-82 is 23 spline and the Tremec is 26 spline you have to replace both discs at a minimun. No reason this would not be possible and cheaper than replacing the whole assembly.

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