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Quick Question about Car Washes

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Yay or nay? Getting chilly around here so harder and harder to hand wash. Can I get away with a couple of them throughout the winter when she gets really dirty? Just worried about the decals peeling or damaging. Maybe try for a touchless?

Thanks all! Only place I come to for advice :)
Yea, the decals are your down fall. I have read alot about decal issuies on this fourm and others. One thing that I have noticed is it sure seems that the 2013 decals have more issuies with peeling and coming off more so than the 2012. Problem with the 2013 is the decals are reflective and you can not purchase them aftermarket at all. Ford has the patten on the 3-M material. Thats a tough nut to bear in wanting to keep your baby clean. Good Luck Man!!
I've taken the risk and ran my car through touchless carwashes multiple times with no ill affects. But I think it's a gamble...

I even ran it through the carwash after the hood was resprayed and decals reapplied with no problems (after having it all cure for a montha or so).
Dang. Sounds like it's kind of a "good luck with that" situation. Might have to just brave the elements on a 50+ degree day and wash myself lol. A little cold/flu isn't as bad as peeling decals lmao.
^^^ be a man! Do it! I don't even own a Boss, just a GT, but there ain't no way in Hades I would ever take my car through a car wash. I hand wash every time, regardless of the season. Get some waterproof hiking boots, wool socks, and coveralls or a good thick fleece and you'll be fine. Also, It helps to fill your wash bucket with warm water from the house.

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