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Race tires with free shipping

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(Update only two brands of racing tires does this apply too. One brand seems to be the most popular with track and autox drivers. The other is GY, RS tires.)

In searching for tires, I found an online company that tries to help out racers with tire purchases.

I actually had to call and have a conversation to find this out because apparently there are some "politics" that go on in the tire industry.

I was asked not to publish any of the codes online so please do not ask about details in a thread as I won't post them.

Up front I've only purchased from the place 1 time. However, through a series of events I've ended up talking with the owner a couple of times.

This is a small shop started by a racer and they aren't staffed to answer tons of phone calls. They operate primarily through an online web store. If you call, more times than not you'll have to leave a message and they state up front questions get answered faster via email.

Finally, what's the catch or what's in it for me. As you can find if you search this forum, I'm getting my feet wet into AX, doing some car shows etc. As I've mentioned I've come from the MX world. Over there, if you put together a plan and go to manufacturers who have contingency programs, they give you a break on pricing. Especially for racers that are buying parts/products at a higher rate.

Examples, Thor offers racers (Or they did) a 1,000 spending limit to order racing equipment through them. I think it was something like 40% off retail. Michelin tires let you buy up to x number of tires per year through a regional distributor. It's been a while but I think it was something like 40% off retail.

However, so far I haven't found that to be the case in the 4-wheel side of things. So I'm trying different avenues trying to establish partnerships and see if there is a way to secure better pricing based on volume.

The major problem is a lot of people out there are looking for one sided relationship or think running a sticker on a car solely is reason enough for price breaks. Sponsors have given them price breaks and end up getting little if any ROI.

Anyway, sorry for the length. For now, if anybody has an interest, PM me and I'll be glad to send a link to the online store and a discount code that will probably end up saving your $90 or so in shipping.

For now this is trial so things may change. I’ll try to keep this thread updated as they do.

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