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Racing Clutch recommendations

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I'm looking for a high torque twin or triple disc racing clutch capable of handling 800 ft/lb torque.
JPC suggested the McLeod mag force. Rehagen uses only Exedy, etc. And my searching around I find
posts with less than stellar experiences with either. I don't want to make a $2k mistake on this.

It will be for a tremec magnum XL trans.

Anyway, anyone have any good advice here? Also, any opinions on puck-style vs. full disc? materials? etc?

Exedy, Exedy, Exedy!! I raced a whole season on an Exedy, then put in a new transmission (T6060) for an 8hr enduro prep and my Exedy clutch looked new! Have a friend that has about 750hp on a GT500 and he uses a dual disk Exedy. He also ran an entire track season and the clutch looks new still. They are smooth and dependable. Talking to the late Paul Brown last year he always recommended Tilton for extreme heat and large torque applications. I have no experience with Tilton but I rarely hear anything bad about them.
darreng505 said:
It will be for a tremec magnum XL trans.

KB has a nice looking setup for the tremecs, although it is only a single disk:


Thanks for the tips fellas. Investigating those rigs now. It's a hard part to shop for because feel can't be testdriven before putting it on.

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