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Radar Detector hard wire kit install?

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Hey guys

Ive got a Beltronics RX65 that id like to hardwire into my Boss. Has anyone done this yet? Or even know where I can tap into that will power off with the engine. Ive searched on the forum and saw several posts where people either don't like detectors or were looking for recommendations on which to get. Im just hoping someone has some know-how on the install portion. any notes/tips/pics would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry I can't help you.

I have the worse luck with radar detectors, I get pulled over more with them, than without, so no detectors for me.

I'll just pay the ticket......i'm sure it's coming is so difficult do to the speed limit in these things. Mine loves cruising at 90 to 100 mph.
Well I dont even know what happened. I got a tap a fuse and connected into fuse 34 which is a 5v that someone else on another forum said would work nicely. I got everything wired, tested it out and everthing worked great, detector turned on and off with the engine.. So i tucked all the wires in all nice and neat and made everything tidy.. Turned on the engine and NOTHING. messed with it for about 2 hours. I have no idea what happened. first try it was perfect and then nothing :(
Re-check the wires. Did you pull the panel off by the passenger's feet? Maybe you cut the wire putting a panel back. OR maybe it blew the fuse you tapped into. You just gotta dig back in. Do you have a 12v test light? They're cheap and useful. If you do you can ground it and see if the power cable is giving you 12v before you even dig in.

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